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What is Online Psychotherapy?

Online counseling (psychologist online) is an alternative way of receiving psychological support for people who do not wish to receive this service in the traditional way.

The interested party has the possibility to contact a psychologist-psychotherapist using a computer and a camera (web camera). The skype program can be installed for free via the website

The duration of the session is 60 minutes, there is visual communication between the therapist and the person concerned and it happens in real time.

To whom
is the consultation addressed?

It is addressed to people who wish to get in touch with a psychologist-psychotherapist but cannot come to a physical office space, due to various reasons such as for example the place of living, time, health, etc.).

Advantages of Online


You can ask for help from a psychologist – psychotherapist at any time, as long as you have an internet connection


You prefer the comfort of your home to a visit to a private specialist’s office, because this can create stress for various reasons. You may also be familiar with online discussions by profession


You need immediate contact with an expert on a matter that concerns you, but you have limited time available due to obligations


A major concern when visiting the office of a mental health professional you care about is ensuring privacy. In online psychotherapy you are not in danger of meeting or being seen by someone you know

How it Works


You fill in the contact form stating the problem that concerns you

I am contacting you by phone to schedule our first session

The first 30-minute session is taking place

We organize the psychological support program for the problem that concerns you

Forms of Psychotherapy
and Counseling


Ψυχολόγος Online - online συμβουλευτική

Individual counseling sessions can help the person process the difficulties and problems they face in their daily life, illuminating them from different sides that are usually present within them but are invisible. Then he will activate those powers of himself which will lead him to their solution.

Couple counseling is aimed at couples who feel the need to work on their relationship with the help of a specialist in order to improve it and feel satisfaction within it. Many of the problems that arise between couples are related to the incorrect way of communicating the desires, needs and feelings of both parties. The specialist can help improve communication and therefore the quality of the relationship. It is important to keep in mind that a couple may need guidance even if they have decided to divorce, especially when children are involved and the choice of appropriate practices is imperative.

Ψυχολόγος Online - online συμβουλευτική



Ψυχολόγος Online - online συμβουλευτική

The role of the parent is one of the most difficult and demanding for this reason and often parental counseling is necessary for the proper management of the relationship with the child during both childhood and adolescence. And in the case of the appearance of symptoms of addictive behavior by the child or teenager, the psychoeducation of the parent in dealing with it is not only important but necessary since the parent can, with the appropriate guidance, become the “therapist” of this behavior of his child.

At regular intervals, seminars are held on various topics aimed at adults. When conducting a seminar, there is usually a detailed presentation of the topic by me and then there is time for questions and discussion. The topics of the seminars revolve around everyday issues that concern us all such as relationships, our roles, our mental resilience and much more.

Ψυχολόγος Online - online συμβουλευτική



Μαρία Μπαλιάκου - σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας

Maria Baliakou


My name is Maria Baliakou, I come from Larissa, I am married and the mother of two adult children.

I started my studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki studying at the Faculty of Philosophy, specifically in the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, specializing in Psychology. After finishing my studies I came into contact with the field of addictions, at first as a volunteer and then I worked for 28 years as a counselor for people with drug addiction problems, in one of the largest organizations in Greece and abroad (KETHEA, Therapeutic Center for drug addicted people). For several years I was in charge of treatment units for addicts and their families.

I consider myself fortunate to have gained a wealth of invaluable experience and training to effectively manage problems related to substance use and abuse, both legal and illegal.

During the last five years of my work at KETHEA, I was concerned with the issue of cannabis abuse and its effects on the physical and mental health of individuals and I even carried out a qualitative research on this topic with which I completed my postgraduate studies in Criminal Law and Addictions of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Law School of the University of Nicosia, specializing in the therapeutic management of dependent people.

However, from the first moment that I started counseling and treating people with difficulties and dysfunctions in their daily lives, I realized the breadth of knowledge and skills that this specific project requires and so I decided to get in touch with the Systemic Model of Therapy by starting the journey first of my personal psychotherapy and then following an educational program on Family Systemic Therapy by colleagues of AKMA (Athenian Center for the Study of Man) on topics such as:

A. Training of Scientists in General Systems Theory.

B. Teaching group therapy for women and couples.

C. Professional Skills Training Program in understanding the role of the “counselor”.

D. Supervision on a personal and professional level.

From 2006 onwards I joined and completed the training program specializing in Systemic Family Therapy which was implemented by the Human Relations Research Laboratory in Athens under the direction of the excellent Haris Katakis.

The specific program was designed based on the specifications of the European Federation of Family Therapists (EFTA).

From 2018 until today I have been working as a part-time partner in a private office, as a mental health consultant and family psychotherapist specializing in the systemic approach.


Online Psychotherapy is not recommended for people who suffer from a serious disorder or are in a crisis that requires intensive psychological or psychiatric help. In these cases, contact can be limited to referral to another specialist or guidance to the people in the relevant environment as to the correct handling of the situation.