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Anxiety. Everyday Problems. Psychologist Online

εξάρτηση ουσιών ψυχοθεραπεία

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Anxiety. Everyday problems. Psychologist Online

Anxiety has entered the daily life of all people for good as it accompanies a series of changes that occur to date due to crises or situations of danger in which everyone is called upon to cope with the mental powers they have.

In other words, anxiety appears in a person when he feels that the responsibilities and roles he is called upon to cope with daily require more mental strength than those he has or thinks he has. The manifestation of stress is not something that is necessarily always visible on the outside. This is how a person can appear extremely calm and stable in his emotional state and deal with everyday life calmly because he simply hides it well.


Anxiety. Categories

If we tried to categorize the type of stress that a person can experience in everyday life, we would distinguish two major categories, creative stress and pathological stress.

Creative stress often takes the form of an emotional tension that we feel when we are about to overcome a difficult situation or carry out an activity that is of great importance to us. In this case it acts as a driving force.

Also, creative stress can be useful in our lives because it keeps us alert and pushes us to try new things, set new goals and work creatively in our daily lives, which causes us mental well-being.

Pathological anxiety is usually experienced when we are in anticipation of some imminent danger, but which we may have exaggerated in our minds without actually being that serious or threatening to us. We may experience a generalized sense of danger or threat without being able to identify its source, but it prevents us from trying new things and being functional in our lives.

Psychotherapy can help the person identify the sources of his anxiety and then discover his mental boundaries so that he does not violate them by creating a crisis and blocking himself. Also to be ready so that when he needs to change his goals without feeling bad about it. This is similar to the movement of the runner who needs to take a step back in order to get more speed to go forward.


Relief from stress

The process of getting rid of pathological anxiety can be done through the following steps:


I clarify within myself if I really want to manage this situation in order to change it. So, as we say in psychotherapy, I formulate my personal request for change which will push me to make the necessary moves in the direction of this change.

As paradoxical as it may sound, people often come to terms with the stress they experience every day and do not wish to do anything about it, or are content with taking some palliative drugs in order to alleviate the physical symptoms it may cause them.


I observe myself every day and try to distinguish the physical symptoms that may arise for me, such as rapid breathing or rapid heartbeat, onychophagia, etc. I also observe my behavior towards others if, for example, I express myself with nerves or anger.


I try to identify the condition that causes me this condition, which usually precedes and can act as a warning message for the anxiety that will follow.


With the help of an expert, I am trained in the proper management of the situation with the aim of being able to prevent its appearance. At the same time I am enhancing my degree of self-awareness to understand its deeper sources of origin possibly excavating my deepest fears.

There is a wide variety of behavioral techniques that can be applied in any case and always in collaboration with the patient, which have excellent results.

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